Monday, June 19, 2006

Google Machine Translation System

Google gave journalists a glimpse of its next generation machine translation system at a May 19th Google Factory Tour. The system has been trained using the United Nations Documents as a corpus. This corpus is some 200 billion words worth of content. It uses existing source and target language translations (done by human translators at the U.N.) to find patterns it then uses to build rules for translating between those languages. Apparently it was successful where the current version had failed in translating certain phrases. If anyone were capable of making a serious go of MT, that would have to be Google..

Google has improved the algorithms for its MT program by feeding its computers the equivalent of 1 million books of text, using sources such as parallel translations of United Nations documents..

The results were very impressive, not the stupid machine translation you see on the Internet, which isn't really good..

Today, nearly every translation service offered on the Web - AOL, Alta Vista, Babblefish, even Google's - is powered by translation technology developed by Systran. The company, based in San Diego and Paris, has been involved in MT for more than 30 years. Each day, it translates more than 25 million Web pages..

The question is: what will they do with the new Google translator – where will they integrate it – and what side-effects would it have? If via Google we get our universal language, would that resolve many global problems by fostering cross-cultural understanding? Here is a speculative list of translation applications Google might implement; the key is auto-translation:
The Google Translation Service
The Google Browser
The Google Instant Messenger GIM
The Google Babelfish

-- Read More Here..
-- The machines do the translating [Google Blog]..
-- NIST 2005 Machine Translation Evaluation Official Results..
-- What is Machine Translation (MT)? [SYSTRAN Website]..

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Google Translate Arabic

Now Google Translate is available in [Arabic/English] and [English/Arabic]..

Give it a try!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Defeated By A PDA

A friend of mine has a PDA..

He asked me to connect it to my laptop and put some stuff on it..

I tried to connect the PDA to my laptop using USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.. but, i couldn't connect it.. i stuck with the configuration.. the PDA is not recognized by my laptop at all.. What a shame!..

I was in a very bad situation from 2 point of views:
1. My friend: i'm ignorant and know nothing about computers and new technologies..
2. Me: i'm defeated by a PDA, i don't deserve my laptop, even sitting on a computer at all..

Anyone has a solution to this very embarrassing problem plz contact me immediately @ ms.amin[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Hurry Hurry Hurry...

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Interview Is Done

Yesterday June 04, 2006 i did my interview as a real estate agent..

I left an excellent first impresstion on my interviewer..

I was confident, wearing an elegant suite, a talented english speaker, capable of diplomatic sentences & smiles that should be said in such situations..

I think i did what's required from me, the rest is in God's will..

Now i should wait for a call from them to tell me am i in or not..

I hate this part so much, because most of the jobs -which i applied for- stops here..
There was one thing that disturbed me ALOT in the interview..
The interviewer asked me his first question: Why r u switching this HUGE, POWERFUL computer programming experience with the REAL ESTATE field?

When i heared this question, i thought to leave immediately..
Really, there's nothing on earth can force me to SWITCH! but it's a Priority ReOrganize matter.. i just wanna live well and eat well in this miserable country, this Anti-Progress country..
I can't work as a web developer, ok, but it will NEVER leave my head!

I wonder that u r asking urselves now: How did i answered him?

I enjoyed the experience alot.. it's very possible that i won't join the company.. but i learned something new..

NB for my very close friends: DON'T WORRY FOLKS, I WON'T LEAVE PROGRAMMING..

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tomorrow I'm Going To An Interview

Tomorrow i'm going to an interview [as Real Estate Broker]..

i hear u asking: How can a programmer turn into a real estate broker?

i used to be a banker for a while..
also i used to be a computer programmer for another while more longer than the banking while.. ;)..
now i'm going to dig thru a very new path for me.. the real estate brokerage..

i love programming alot.. i'm extremely smart in it..
why do i leave programming?..
thanx alot to my BELOVED country TPYGE<..
she's the main reason for that..

i'm not happy with the new field.. but freelance work is not enough to live..
i'm an internet technology researcher too, but technology research is something we should DENY here in TPYGE<, we should think in dust, shadows, annoying each other, deny ourselves and work forever to serve the big guys who steal the country at the end..

TPYGE< Error: The job cannot be displayed, it's perminantly unavailable..

God help me don't lose my mind..

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The Fight For Freedom Begins

I was tracking the political changes [upside-downs] in Egypt the last month..

Egypt now is on fire, really..

Bloggers and Activists are beginning a war against the corrupt System[Government] in Egypt..Protesting is everywhere..

The System is trying to preserve itself by squeezing and detaining activists using inhuman ways to shut them up..

The System is torturing the activists in prisons without any trials and making fake cases against them and the innocent people without any awareness of what it's doing, it is moving very random with alot of fatal errors..

But the obvious thing here is that the System failed to do what he wanted to shut down the sounds of freedom..

The opposition is very heavy and spreading as hell.. the worldwide community knows everything with text, videos and pictures.. and people worldwide are participating also in the protesting in France, Germany, England, USA, etc..... without being detained ofcourse because they are NOT in Egypt..

The end of the corrupt System is coming very very fast..

I'll try to provide links to these subjects soon..
You can begin with:

I just light up the idea in ur brain, u can dig more harder than me and find more sites by urself..

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My DSL Is Down

I couldn't blog in May because of a very annoying problem..

My DSL connection was terrible and having 200% problems..

I couldn't connect to the web, read or send my emails, read my feeds or even blogging..

After alot of investigations, i discovered that the DSL Provider company and the Router MisConfiguration is the key elements behind this problem..

The problem is still current, but will be solved in the very near future..

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