Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Fight For Freedom Begins

I was tracking the political changes [upside-downs] in Egypt the last month..

Egypt now is on fire, really..

Bloggers and Activists are beginning a war against the corrupt System[Government] in Egypt..Protesting is everywhere..

The System is trying to preserve itself by squeezing and detaining activists using inhuman ways to shut them up..

The System is torturing the activists in prisons without any trials and making fake cases against them and the innocent people without any awareness of what it's doing, it is moving very random with alot of fatal errors..

But the obvious thing here is that the System failed to do what he wanted to shut down the sounds of freedom..

The opposition is very heavy and spreading as hell.. the worldwide community knows everything with text, videos and pictures.. and people worldwide are participating also in the protesting in France, Germany, England, USA, etc..... without being detained ofcourse because they are NOT in Egypt..

The end of the corrupt System is coming very very fast..

I'll try to provide links to these subjects soon..
You can begin with:

I just light up the idea in ur brain, u can dig more harder than me and find more sites by urself..

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