Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Defeated By A PDA

A friend of mine has a PDA..

He asked me to connect it to my laptop and put some stuff on it..

I tried to connect the PDA to my laptop using USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.. but, i couldn't connect it.. i stuck with the configuration.. the PDA is not recognized by my laptop at all.. What a shame!..

I was in a very bad situation from 2 point of views:
1. My friend: i'm ignorant and know nothing about computers and new technologies..
2. Me: i'm defeated by a PDA, i don't deserve my laptop, even sitting on a computer at all..

Anyone has a solution to this very embarrassing problem plz contact me immediately @ ms.amin[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Hurry Hurry Hurry...

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  1. SO sad MOstafa about your aricle

  2. 7 ways to connect your PDA with your NoteBook

    1. Just buy a memory card reader (15 LE) and take off the PDA Memory Card [MC] and plug it into the Reader then connect the reader to the USB .
    2. Some Notebooks already has Memory Card Reader installed as part of the companion hardware , so u can use it to plug your MC into .
    3. Your PDA came with a cradle to connect the PDA to the PC (this is the standered way to connect the PDAs to PCs) , in this case u'll need to install Microsoft ActiveSync on your PC .
    4. U can buy 22 pin USB Connector Cable for your PDA which will do the same functionality of the Cradle , take care u'll need the MS ActiveSync here too .
    5. U can connect your PDA to your Notebook using the infrared port if u already have one in your laptop , and to connect your Pocket PC to a laptop using infrared, you have to configure ActiveSync. Go to File > Connection Settings in ActiveSync on your laptop PC, and check the option which says "Allow serial cable or infrared connection to this COM port." Then choose an IRDA COM port from the drop-down list.
    6. U can also connect to your Notebook via bluetooth " if you goit one for sure " , and to this ... Go to PDA Programs - ActiveSync - Connect via Bluetooth, it will start the pairing process, follow the procedure. Enter the pairing code - something like "0000". Once paired, you can use Bluetooth active sync. If you have problems with Bluetooth pairing, check the laptop bluetooth settings. Add a BT com port if you have to.
    7. If your Laptop PC, Handheld PDA is already wireless enabled using an IEEE 802.11b or WECA / Wi-Fi approved WLAN adaptor connect the 2 guys together , after doing the configurations of course ... if u don't know how !! then drop it man ... there is no place here to explain these config.

    Hope this Helps,

  3. Thanx alot Ahmed for ur contribution..
    u really helped alot..