Saturday, July 15, 2006

Extremely Busy

I'm very very busy these days..

I even don't have any time for blogging anymore..

But i'll try to post some articles when possible..
In fact, i'm preparing right now 2 interesting articles about:
- [Internet Censorship]
- [Insecurity of the Internet's Communications Routing (Infrastructure-Systems)]

Well, what keeps me busy alot is that i'm beginning a massive upgrade in my mind knowledge-base.. i'm reading 4 books for now and preparing for the 5th..

1. Pragmatic Ajax - A Web 2.0 Primer
2. Wrox - Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development
3. Wrox - Professional PHP Programming
4. Yacoubian Building

5. The Da Vinci Code
[(for 4 & 5) can anyone provide me with the movies, or at least a web link to download them?]

Sure thing not all of them r code.. or i'd kill myself.. there should be some fun, some art..

Alot of freelance work will begin soon.. i won the bidding on a new and BIG 2 projects.. i'll start coding them next Saturday July 22, 2006.. 1000s of lines of self-learning code will be written..

So, reading-coding, coding-reading.. this is what i'll be seen doing the next period.. God help me..

See u soon! :'(

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Like Google? Like Yahoo?
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How to remember the name and spelling of GahooYoogle?
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Never forget GahooYoogle

Enjoy Using GahooYoogle Experience!

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