Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tomorrow I'm Going To An Interview

Tomorrow i'm going to an interview [as Real Estate Broker]..

i hear u asking: How can a programmer turn into a real estate broker?

i used to be a banker for a while..
also i used to be a computer programmer for another while more longer than the banking while.. ;)..
now i'm going to dig thru a very new path for me.. the real estate brokerage..

i love programming alot.. i'm extremely smart in it..
why do i leave programming?..
thanx alot to my BELOVED country TPYGE<..
she's the main reason for that..

i'm not happy with the new field.. but freelance work is not enough to live..
i'm an internet technology researcher too, but technology research is something we should DENY here in TPYGE<, we should think in dust, shadows, annoying each other, deny ourselves and work forever to serve the big guys who steal the country at the end..

TPYGE< Error: The job cannot be displayed, it's perminantly unavailable..

God help me don't lose my mind..

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