Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hit By A Car

It's a very strange feeling..

Yesterday after i got out of my work.. i stuck in the transportations.. there was alot of suffer going home.. and since i don't know the area yet, i stuck more and more..

After alot of time waste and annoyance, i met a kind man who guides me to locate my way correctly..

When he was guiding me, and when i was walking beside him in the very corner of the platform.. suddenly i felt like a very solid hard thing pushing me forward.. and the kind man shouted very loud.. and i felt myself fly forward in the air.. and i felt my body take a very strange shape while flying.. my head was behind me and my legs were skewed back..

Fortunately, thanx God, i dropped down standing on my legs.. standing without any feelings of any kind..
i looked behind [thinking what pushed me is a man] and surprised that it was a CAR..
i found myself away from it by 2 or 3 meters.. oh God.. did i really fly all this distance??!

I was confused and disbelieving.. i always believed that these things happen to others only..
but this was very close..

I was shocked, the kind man stayed with me sometime until i returned back to the real DAMN world..

Now i'm writing to u after a few hours and i feel a little pain in my back bones from the hit.. but i think everything is ok..

It was a very very strange experience.. i tremble when i think that right now i may not be here writing this post to u.. instead i may be broken in the hospital or died!.. thanx God, thanx God, thanx God..

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  1. I'm really sorry for you, I hope you're better now.

  2. Thanx alot for asking..

    i'm fine thanx..

  3. ofcourse it's a unique experience.. but i don't like it to happen again at all..

    i was listening very sharp.. but my concious was somewhere else..

    alot of feeling-conflicts that i didn't realise till now.. and i won't..

    it happened very very fast.. any human mind won't analyze such fast actions in that very very short time..