Monday, February 20, 2006

RSS On My Blog = Correct

Some folks ask me alot if i have RSS feed for my blog..
and i say:
"Yes, sure i have.."

To subscribe to my feed just click the orange radar icon on the sidebar, u'll be redirected to my FeedBurner feed page,
there u can subscribe using 2 different ways:

** Desktop Client:

As u see, there's alot of programs to use it to subscribe, but i recommend FeedDemon, it's good and easy..
just select the reader program u like from the menu, and it will open automatically and add my feed to ur list of feeds..
[the reader u select should be installed on ur computer first ofcourse]

** Online Service:

Here once an icon has been clicked, u'll be redirected to an online reader service, u should register[create account] or login there..
then u'll add my feed to ur collection..
u have a group of options to select from, feel free to make a choice..

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