Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I'm very sorry for my absence the last 11 days..

i was very busy preparing my own site for launch..

as u all know i don't have any free time to prepare anything for me because of the freelance tasks, so, when i get time, i did my site..

i put my personal data and work experience in the site because it's not 100% personal, it's the platform to my online business..

My site URL:

after all, i didn't leave my blog w/o updates, i put a simple update in the sidebar to the right..
the update consists of new lists for:

** Web 2.0 featured services [changes when i find new leading-edge services] .

** Inside Google listing all of the information warehouses that Google is developing these days..

i digged thru these information especially for public benefit.. to pass & share Google thoughts to who is interested in Google..

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