Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Internet Goes Down In Egypt

The Internet goes down in Egypt..

The Fiber Optic cable in the mediterranean sea that provides the Internet service in Egypt is down for a hidden reason until now..

The entire country will NOT use the Internet until it's fixed..

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* What's the Internet backbone?

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  1. The disruption was caused by an anchoring ship that accidentally damaged Indian-owned Flag cable and SEA-ME-WE after being diverted from the Egyptian port of Alexandria due to bad weather.

    Repair teams have already set sail for the location but the disruption that started yesterday hasn't yet been resolved. Reportedly, it will take a week to a fortnight to restore services back to normalcy.


  2. But the net is working fine today, it looks like they found a temporary solution, any body know what it is.

    I also posted about this crisis.

  3. I've heared about this solution which is a secondary hidden line for emergencies like this..

    The secondary line is 20% : 25% of the regular internet speed capacity, we can see this in the slow internet during this day although it's present and active, but NOT like usual speeds!

    Do anyone know where's the src of our Internet [The nearest Internet backbone]?

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