Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hitman The Movie

I saw Hitman recently..
I liked it alot.. but NOT like my favorite ever [The Matrix]..
I recommend u to see it immediately with no delay..

I loved 4 things in that movie:
  1. The scene when the Russian FSB was attacking Hitman in the hotel after identifying him as the Belicoff assassin..
    He escaped to the room below his room in the hotel..
    He broke the window and found 2 scared little girls looking at him..
    They were playing Hitman the game..
    Awesome scene..

  2. Olga Kurylenko [as Nika Boronina - 28]..
    She was HOTTTT ;)

  3. The style Hitman walks [exactly as the game]..
    I thought this is not applicable to apply a game character walking style to humans!

  4. The soundtrack @ the end of the movie..
    Can any1 send it to me, or give me any URL?

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  1. I got you hitman soundtrack dude
    come and take it
    ya fat7y

  2. Dear M.

    good clue that u said fat7y @ the end of ur post..

    i'm dying to get the soundtrack my friend..


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