Sunday, October 01, 2006

Don't Make Me Think

Never been in a meeting like that. The solution to this problem, by the way, is usability testing. Imagine that: making decisions based on actual data instead of never ending, last man standing filibuster style religious debates. Revolutionary!

Source: Coding Horror

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  1. Its actually a nice book, I wanted to buy a hard copy a few months ago.

    Nice blog man, keep up the good work :)

  2. thanx alot..

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  3. Hi,
    Interesting to see that Adjuster copied the comments from Coding Horror - no surprise there as he's actually supporting and encouraging theft!!!

    The least you could do is write your own review!

    If you really like the book and want people to read it - then out of respect to a great writer and usability expert (Steve Krug) you should encourage people to buy a hard copy of the book. He's done a great job writing such a book, its a shame that people like you keep on wasting his efforts.

    Do you guys - allegedly developers, and electrical engineers - know of AMAZON!!!

    Usability Consultant

  4. Dear Tito,
    i wonder how didn't u read the article totally !!!

    i'm pointing my readers to a great book that worth reading..
    i'm NOT a marketing person to advertise for buying the book..
    do it urself if u like.. but i'll not do it for u or any1 else..

    also, if u noticed, i put a link to the src of the article.. to the website CodingHorror..
    if i'm a theif, i will NOT put my src.. right?

    and finally.. plz select ur words carefully.. coz i dont delete comments.. and this is a respected blog that respects its readers and give them good info..
    and my respected readers will feel terrible when reading ur words..


  5. Dear Adjuster,
    Thank you for your comment!

    I don't usually comment on articles/blogs.. Only when the article hits close to home (i.e., about usability), which your post has slightly touched upon, that I find myself forced to reply!

    I did read the whole (4 line + comments) article "totally"!!
    To make it simpler, I will outline my objection in bullet points..

    1. The post title is (Don't Make Me Think) - the book title!
    2. You posted an image from the book
    3. You posted a link that promotes the book (i.e., CodingHorror's mini review and recommendation to buy the book)

    You ARE in effect promoting the book (subconsciously maybe!)

    I did not say you are a thief! my objection was NOT because you copied the article and referenced it! Rather your blatant promotion of eMule!!!

    This maybe new to you, but downloading books (or anything) off eMule, Kazaa, or any P2P progam IS theft. You are downloading something that HAS a copyright, i.e. should not be copied, shared, or re/distributed!

    In conclusion, You Did promote the book (subconsciously by the looks of it) and You Did promote THEFT, by giving detailed instructions/advise on how to download "free" books.

    As an advice: a "respected" blog does not promote or give detailed instructions to Steal!
    I suggest you remove any references to eMule.

    All the best

  6. Dear Tito..

    If u noticed.. which i dont think so..

    I wrote the article first without comments.. pointing my readers to a great book.. without eMule trick..

    When i put the eMule trick, i put it in comments, NOT in the header of the article..

    I think eMule is great..
    if u want copyright, then u should develop something to protect urself and all copyrighted materials from theft.. why the entire world of developers around the globe cant protect themselves from eMule!!!

    Strange ha?

    They maybe like it.. maybe..

    Try to read more about copyleft instead of copyright..

    For u my friend: Try to share ur experience with me, talk in helpful areas other than theft!
    & dont worry, i work with nearly a dozen of developers around the world.. so, i wont steal ur ideas ;)


    Don't waste ur expensive time reading my blog..
    try to find the RESPECTED blogs u told me..


  7. Developers and authors DO have something to protect themselves from theft- it's called the law.

    Just because you have a means to break the law and steal does not make it right.

    If I left a car in my driveway with the keys in it and you took it, you're guilty of stealing it.

    I agree with Tito. Remove the eMule reference and let thieves figure out how to steal on their own.