Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Be Smarter Than U R

While searching the Web for PHP code snippets, i found this interesting one:

if( you == smart ) {
    languages += "php";

sure thing this snippet is:
- a piece of art
- extremely fast
- secure
- cross-platform
- cross-browser
- easy to learn
- cheaper to host
- can be compiled using Zend Accelerator for more extra speed
[most developers know NOTHING about this point]

<? adjuster ?>
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  1. i agree! Check our site http://jfsf.org

  2. Great work Adel..
    God bless u..
    keep moving forward and forward..
    and add more content to the site..

    whisper: the first moment i entered the site i thought it's for a large company..
    u made the correct effect,
    which means u r on the right way..