Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Like Google? Like Yahoo?
No problem
Try the power of Yahoo & Google combined in one place..

Why to use GahooYoogle?
Save your time, get more results in less time.
Your search will be faster and more reliable.

How to remember the name and spelling of GahooYoogle?
A little "poem", you will never forget GahooYoogle:
Write Yahoo then Google
Make the Y and G Toggle
Never forget GahooYoogle


Enjoy Using GahooYoogle Experience!

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  1. This is dumb, and you are an asshole.

    Long live Denmark

  2. Maybe Long live Denmark, but just in one situation..
    when u remove the non-responsible people who talk for u to the entire world..

    when i talk shit about ur very deep beliefs, shouldn't u hate me from ur deep too..

    this is exactly what happened when u published the prophet Mohammed photos.. it's my very right to be angry and reply to all of u.. with my own way..

    ur words proved that i can reach u all in Denmark.. it's NOT just an icon after all.. it teases u alot.. and let u feel my anger.. really..
    and i'm proud that i can defend my own beliefs.. and reach the global community as well..


  3. If you really see the unadopted beliefs you have real beliefs than good for you.
    You are nothing for the danes or europe. You have only 50 - 60 years left to get the current level of respect, then you will wish to get the same respect again. On the contrary you will beg from us like dogs.
    Do you really think that we danes care? Why the fuck should we care about people who are so narrow minded and are nothing but a MINORITY.


  4. well, what can i say..
    i got ur fraud attempt pal..
    after spotting my blog visitors.. i realized that u reside here in Egypt..
    after spotting page clicks, i got ur IP too and ur ISP..
    why r u doing that? - i wonder that an Egyptian is defending Denmark after what they've done.. r u a DOG for Denmark now?!..
    well doggy, come to me, i have a big bone for u..

  5. GahooYoogle.com has transformed into www.PolyCola.com Search Engine: Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask, AOL, Dogpile, Altavista... Announced by GahooYoogle and PolyCola.com creator Arbel Hakopian.

    GahooYoogle.com was shut down by Law Enforcement and Lawyers.