Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Website is online

My Website is online now after a few days of offline state..

All errors had been fixed..

The site URL is:

Enjoy the experience..

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  1. Congrats nice job, but please try to change the "open in a new window" links to open in self, and try to validate


  2. point:
    i hope u like the site..

    about the "open in a new window" it's totally intended because i don't want the user to lose my page.. as u see, the links that open in new window are all external links, which will leave my site or blog.. so the only way to keep the user in is by programming the links to "open in a new window"..

    if u have better ideas to keep the user in the page while visiting external websites, plz share it with me..

    <.adjuster />

  3. AJAX is cool there ... i agree with POINT, gotta validate it man! then you'll be proud to include the HTML validator icon.

    I'm sure you are familiar with Firefox extension for HTML validation,...

    yall cheeers and let's finalize meebo ;)