Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Windows Vista Delayed Again

Vista DelayedThe new version of Microsoft Windows, called Vista, is now delayed..
it was originally going to ship in 2003. Then 2005. Then 2006. Now in early 2007 [January]. I'm not surprised!

Micro$oft says the delay is for the need to make more security and usuability tweaks..

Office 2007 launch delayed too to meet Vista!!

A quote from retiring Windows co-president Jim Allchin:
"We won't compromise on product quality, and we needed just a few more weeks."

The few more weeks changed to few more months!
After the delay i prefer to think Vista this way..
Windows Vista: Too Much Marketing, Not Enough Coding..

Windows VistaWindows Vista

So what's new in this Vista?
Windows Vista will include whole new stuff such as:
1. Anti-spyware tools.
2. Internet Explorer 7.
3. Better home networking.
4. Windows Media Player 11.
5. Windows Calendar [a new systemwide tool designed to do for datebook information what Outlook Express does for e-mail in Windows XP].
6. Broad IPv6 support.
7. Improved client-side caching of data stored on a server.
8. Volume encryption.
9. Revamped synchronization engine.
10. Lots of new laptop features. with an auxiliary display.
11. Automatic hard drive optimization.
12. Security enhancements.
13. New searching mechanism.
14. Secure boot-up process that helps prevent someone from gaining access to your data if your PC is lost or stolen.
15. Parental controls.
16. There will also be visual changes.
and more..

How much will it cost?
Pricing has not been announced.

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